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We modify your existing PLC application software or we write a brand new one. The software is always as simple and structured as possible. We normally use the following editors:
  • Siemens Step 7 prof.V5.4 (AWL, KOP, FUP, SCL, Graph)
  • Siemens Step 5 V7.x / S5/S7 for Windows (AWL, FUP, KOP)
  • IBH-Softec S5/S7 for Windows (AWL, FUP, KOP)
  • 3S (all 5 languages in refer to IEC6-1131)
  • Allen Bradley RS Logix 5000 with ControlLogix / GuardLogix.
Utilizing other programs, although it can be complex, is much less time consuming than the processes and the know-how required for the machines themselves. If you have any request on software which needs to be written with another PLC editor, we can always adapt to your needs.
Scroll down to see the most important proyects we have participated in:

Programming / start up of roll conveyor transport system
The conveyor motors have a ASi connection implemented in their chassis which greatly reduces the wiring of the 180 motors.
Programmed with sub functions the application was held below 32kB to be run by a PLC S7-313C with its small RAM memory.


Supervision / start up of a carousel transport
The carousel transport band was installed mechanically during production, the cabeling and the PLC-software was prepared as much as possible to ensure a minimum production still stand of a few days before it was run again.


Supervision / start up of a power drill with accelerated feed
The machine finishes the central hole of aluminum rims. A robot places the rim into the clamping fixture before the feeder goes forward in two different speeds to the drill. The PLC-program was prepared beforehand and it was only necessary to complete it during start up.


Supervision / replace and backfitting of more power drills and roller conveyors
To improve production flow two more powerful drills were replaced and their feed conveyors. The roller conveyors, the robot interfaces and the drills' program were modified in local Siemens S5-100U controls.


Engineering / programming / start up / training of robot cells
Robot cells were developed for special deburring of Diesel common rail pumps. This deburring operation is carried out, after CNC finishing with special pneumatic rotating tools and drills or files. In order to check the drill's condition and to ensure a successful deburring operation there is a gear belt positioning drive in place, as well as an analogue measurement system in the pneumatic Z-Axis.


Engineering / programming / start up / training of insert presses
The characteristics force required for pressing in inserts into aluminum rims is recorded and shown in XY diagrams. To ensure the fast recording of this information we used a S7-414 PLC with fast analogue inputs. It is possible to modify the inspection parameters for each rim type in the setup. The rims are oriented on the feed conveyor by a rotating positioning drive before a 2-axis portal robot places them on the indexing table. The table rotates one time to place the insert on the rim and one more time to press it before it rotates a third time to pick the finished rims by portal robot.


Engineering / programming / start up / training for insert press with manual feed
The insert press was similar to the three insert presses mentioned before, but has no automatic feed by portal robot. It was developed especially for a customer in South Africa and is operated manually, due to the abundance of economic human resources. The access to the area where rims are placed manually was protected by a light curtain.


Engineering / programming / start up / training for a chain conveyor and three sequential robots
The conveyor feeds the three sequential robots with CNC finished diesel pumps and also drives the deburred pumps out of the cells. The The S7-315-2DP control manages the robot interfaces and their start/stop signals as well.


Engineering / programming / start up / training of a robot cell
The robot cell was especially developed for a truck motor manufacturer in Denmark, for a crankshaft work piece deburring operation. A measurement system with TESA Sensors (resolution 1/16µm ) was implemented in order to check dimensional limits in the parts.


Service / start up of paper roll packaging with paper width selector
Speed control of the constant speed of paper feed during decreasing diameter of wrapping paper roll. To tighten the wrapping paper after the first turn on the spinning paper roll the motor of the wrapping paper unwind stand changes into torque controlled mode. The feed of internal and external closure heads is carried out by several handling robots. The paper roll data is managed by scanners, labeling stations and inkjets.


Service / start up of paper roll spiral packaging
The uncomplex way to wrap paper rolls is to wrap the paper roll with one single wrapping paper size in a spiral procedure. The speed of paper feed refers to the carriage speed along the roll. Data is managed in a similar way as in the wrapping line with paper width selector.


Software development of a delta robot
The Soft-PLC WIN-AC with C++ interfaced applets sends coordinates to the robot. These have been read by two vision systems for tracking and the blister conveyor. We wrote the standard application for the food packaging industry for goods up to 1kg. The photograph shows a graphical PC simulation.


Service / start up and training of DVD replicators
Two thin injection molded plastic halves of what will be a DVD pass to the metalizer and the gluing station before a bonder puts them together. The DVD is given a lacquer layer for protection reasons by coat on and spin off and is then dried by ultraviolet lamp. Finally the S7-315-2DP control has its interface to a PC based deformation check system, which ensures quality at the end of the DVD replicator line.


Engineering / programming / start up of a CD-R replicator
The CD-R passes from injection molding via Dye coating to the metalizer and the lacquer coating and is dried out by ultraviolet lamp. The Bachmann-PLC (edited with 3S automation alliance) interfaces to a PC based deformation check system, which ensures quality at the end of the CD-R replicator line.


Engineering / programming / start up / training of several concrete ready-mix plants
The dosage of aggregate, cement, water and additives of a concrete ready-mix plant is partially controlled by a proprietary PC based process and administration system running on WinNT as well as a PLC controlled by an S7-315-2DP. The project was very ambitious because the customer wanted to modify the controls of 20 plants before the year 2000. The start of this engineering project was in November 1998.


Engineering / wiring/ programming / start up of a mud dryer
Sponsored by the German Ministry for the Environment the plant in the Czech Republic filtrated particulate material out of petrochemical waste water, dried it to powder to burn it up together with brown coal in a power plant next to the chemical industry. Part of the purpose of this project was to support the decontamination of the river Elbe, in Germany. We used an S5-135U control for this function, the visualization solution utilized for this process was LabView. Unfortunately the plant was operating only for an initial start up and tests. Eventually the petrochemical company shut down the project because of operating costs.


Wiring / start up of a newspaper printing plant
In 1997 Africa's biggest newspaper printing plant in Cairo, Egypt was set into operation. We supported the start up, managing all DC motors driving the print rolls. Local English speaking personnel was instructed to assist in the wiring.


Wiring / start up of a cement furnace
The development of a small cement furnace was sponsored by the company Heidelberger Zement to produce cement centrals for big construction sites (ASF). The project consisted of wiring the whole furnace and burner and temperature and CO2 sensors and starting up the control of relays.

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